[Twitter Translation] TOPANGA TV #199 Kazunoko, Mago, Momochi, Tokido [2015.7.1]


★Kazunoko won USF4 and GGXrd at CEO

Kazunoko: It went too good for me :] *holding the prize paint of USF4 and GGXrd* Momochi&Tokido: We lost too soon...

Tokido insists pronouncing Smug as smog (スモッグ)because Japanese people often pronounce Smug as Smag (スマァッグ)

Mago: How was GGXrd?
Kazunoko: It was kinda easy.

Mago: Anime players getting strong overseas?
Kazunoko: GGXrd, not so much. Persona, yes. Very strong. Even Souji couldn't win.

Mago and Tokido don't understand Persona at all.
Mago didn't even know Persona is in the official lineup of EVO lol

When he got 1-2 in GGXrd winners final, Kazunoko didn't know it's 3/5 so he thought "Oh I lost. What char should I use in the next match?" That misunderstanding actually made Kazunoko relaxed and played better in the next 2 games and eventually won 3-2.

Kazunoko doesn't think he can beat Ogawa. They never played each other, but Kazu have seen a better Sol play Ogawa and thinks he can't win.

Kazunoko: I don't think I can even take a round from Ogawa.
Mago: But you're wining all over the place.
Kazu: I promise I play him like crazy

Mago: FAB-kun went overseas?
Tokido: You call him kun? Isn't he older?
Mago: Okay FAB-san and Oshige-san. Alright?
Tokido: And Oga-chan lol
Mago: Yeah I know Ogawa in person.

Kazunoko got salty when Dogura bodied him in GGXrd.

Kazunoko doesn't think he can beat top of the top GGXrd but he has a chance against "so-so top" players. "I won't name names but, yeah"

Kazunoko: My goal at EVO GGXrd is to get in Top 16. There are like 30 top players coming from Japan so...

All say Orlando is very very far.

★Momochi's travel and Universal Studio Florida

He went: E3 > SEAM > Tokyo (1 hour) > Detroit (layover) > Orlando

Momochi had PC USF4 to train during his travel. He enjoyed Universal Studio very much. (He went to Disney last year)

*Talking about Universal Studio*
Momochi: Many rides come with a 3D.
Tokido: Oh the red-blue glass thing?
Momochi: No no it's too old.
Mago: Yeah, the red-blue glasses, it's the way to see 3D I know.
Momochi: No. It's only in children's magazine. It's much fancier.
M&T: Heh...

Mago: We didn't see Momochi around at all. He was like a hagure metal. I saw him for a moment and he's gone before you know. Ran away so fast.
Momochi: Yeah even at SEAM, we didn't see each other.
Mago: He was such a jerk. They only had a meal together. That's all lol

★Momochi at CEO

Momochi was scared of Hsien Chang's Yun because he lost to Kazunoko's Yun twice at SEAM. "It's 2-0 but my first win was a losing game."
Momochi: He was so good.
Mago: He was well known even back in the 3S era.

Momochi lost to Smug in TOPANGA WORLD so he was studying him but "I can't understand what he was thinking." Fighting Smug is like "What? Does he get hit by that?" or "What? Does he not get hit by this?" It's totally backward. The mixup I was very confident, he did not get hit by it. But when i did "whatever" so-so mixup, he got hit. It was lucky but…
Tokido: Yeah his style is very unique.
Mago: You two's styles were not fitting well together. Looks like Momochi was thrown off by that, like you could have won with H. Shoryu chip but you used light one.
Momochi: Yeah I got thrown off.
Mago: Smug has power of momentum.

Momochi: Even Poongko was saying he didn't undersand Smug. I was like "you're the one to say that?" He's like "I don't wanna play him again"

Momochi couldn't get over the lose by Smug while he was playing Alucard, and lost to him as well. It's the first time in a while he lost back to back like that. "I have been able to recover fast recently but not this time"

Momochi: "Smog" hurt me so bad.
Tokido: *nodding to Momochi's pronounciation of Smug*

Alucard lost to Infitration's Gouken and switched to Sagat so fast.
Mago: He did kara uppercut in the opening.
Kazunoko: He was so mad lol

Momo: Yeah I got sent home like nobody knows... I ranked the same with Daigo again.
Mago: Did you talk to him?
Momo: Yeah we're like, EVO next…

★Tokido at CEO

Mago: iPeru, I heard he's the best Feurte from US. How was he?
Tokido: It ended before I understood him.
Mago: Is that the end of story!?
Tokido: It's Feurte in a 2/3 set. What can you undersatnd? It's very close, came all the way to the last round, of course.
Kazu: Of course!?
Tokido: iPeru used a lot of run-stop-throw, which I am bad at. Well I don't remember very well.

Tokido: I knew GamerBee was nearby so I was practicing Elena match up hard.
Mago: With my so-so Elena :3
Mago: You lost to Gamerbee at Texas. He was prety happy then.
Tokido: I couldn't get over that so I worked hard this time & won pretty well.
Mago: It looked like a routinely fight.
Tokido: He run into a fireball often. Elena's focus is hard to go through a fb with because she leaned back.

Tokido prayig for "Smog"

Mago: You beat Gamerbee and what?
Tokido: I was like this *praying to heaven*
Mago: Praying for Smog now.
Tokido was like "Yes! I'll do it!"

Tokido: I was like "watch me getting in! It's all about offense!" I played him when he came to TOPANGA WORLD. I felt pretty good then. It was much better than playing Momochi to me. So when he beat momochi, I was like "Yes i'm in! Time to do offense!" But I lost b/c I used s.h.p too much. It's my fault. My s.h.p beat his crouch tech once, but he then used focus to go through it.

Momochi: I was suprised Smug adapted so fast but he had learned from casuals before.
Mago: Dudley's Focus hurts so bad. It's like one more mixup and over

Tokido: I feel like I forgot how I won Smug before. I only remember the result but not the process.

Kazunoko: I was praying for Smug too lol
Mago: Yeah cause you lost to Tokido at SEAM so bad.
Kazu: Yeah Momochi's gone and Tokido's gone all thanks to Smug, I was like "it's finally going my way!"

Tokido lost to XiaoHai
Tokido: It was so different from SEAM. I had to do offense in this match up but it was not working as well as at SEAM.

*At SEAM, offensive play was strong in general. Tokido did not adapt it back to non-SEAM setting fast enough. The difference threw him off.

Tokido: My biggest mitake was, XiaoHai learned my bad "hand-habit" quickly and countered it. I won't say what it is, but next time I won't do the same. We could run into XiaoHai soon, plus he uses E.Ryu, same as Daigo. So learning that match up is important homework.

Tokido: *Sigh* One more win to get in Top 8 and prize money...

★Mago at CEO

Mago: Before the pool, I was like, "my luck is Godlike again! There's nobody I know. Only one somewhat decent Akuma. Easy." But I saw a very outstanding Viper. I was like "who is this? what pool is this guy in?"
Momochi: It is YOUR pool.
Mago: He was amazing. He did things like m.p cancel high jump low air burn kick cross up. You don't see such a Viper even in japan. I played that Viper on the pool's semifinal. Luckily, he didnt know the Yang matchup at all. Next up the Akuma. I lost 1 game.
Tokido: WHAT!?
Mago: I took the first game easy and got too comfy, got perfected next round & lost the second game. I was like, okay calm down Mago.
Tokido: I didn't see that game. I was gone to the bathroom. It's just an Akuma and i thought you would win so

Mago: Hamad was coaching the Akuma. He was like *swinging his body like a boxer*. I was like "you can't do any good like that" but soon I was like "omg!" But the last game with the Akuma, I played okay and got out of the pool.

Mago: I was up against Dakou next. I thought he saw me beat XiaoHai at SEAM so he could have surprised me with DJ or something. But he used E.Ryu. I was like "Did you not see me vs X.Hai?" But I found out Dakou was maybe triple better than XiaoHai in the Yang muchup. I was like "shit"
Momo: He did so good at whiff punish & AA.
Mago: He even punished my neutral jump with Ultra. It was not a clean hit tho. He made a lot of mistakes too. I got my ultra hit and it's almost over.

Mago: Next up, Bonchan. I am so confident against Sagat I can use character like Rose. Maybe not against Bonchan but Sagat in general. I lost to him 0-5 last year at Tokyo Game Show. It was around the time when I started using Yang. I wanted to take revenge. I got a good result this time. I'm very happy.

Mago: I was even thinking I could pull out Fei if it didn't go well.
Kazunoko: LOL
Mago: Well I wouldn't actually do that.

Mago: Yeah that's my first day. Wait, did you guys lose on the first day!?
Kazu: I wouldn't say anything now. It gets scary later.
Mago: He did that to me before. My revenge.
Momo: You're amazing. Lately. Really really amazing.
Tokido: We can trash talk all we want. I used to have to be really sensitive around you. I'm so happy now.
Mago: All I care about is Nemo. He is the worst nitpicking trash talker.
Momochi: Nemo picks up tiny trivial stuff from your old blog.
Mago: Right lol. There's nothing you can do about him

Mago: I'm atually doing really good lately.
Momo: I'm really looking forward to EVO.

Mago: You know, I wanted to win CEO but in a way I'm glad I didn't. I wanted to save my luck for EVO. Three wins seem too good.

Mago: I deliberated my next opponent, 801 Strider. Yaoi Strider as put by Kazunoko.
Kazu: Heeey.
Tokido: Yaoi Strider
Momochi: Yaoi Strider

Kazu: I didn't know what to say in a interview, and that phrase came out of my mouth before I knew. Isn't it easier to say than eight oh one?
Tokio: It's State of Utah, Salt Lake City, 801 Strider. That's how I call him. Even Strider's friends' from Utah was calling him that way.
Kazunoko: I don't believe you.
Mago: Yeah they were saying that.

Mago: I studied him so hard. But as we saw on the first day, Strider is so good.
Momochi: He's really really good.
Mago: Seems like he had gotten too bad of luck to be ranked higher before. We know Shiro from Japan. Strider looks as good as him. And he got 2nd place at CEO. That's better than Shiro.

Mago: Yang-Abel is Yang's favor. But I didn't play Abel enough to be confident. Nobody uses Abel around me, so I had to go with imagination.

Mago: My preparation was not enough, so I wanted to win quickly before he adapted. I got in and took two games first, but at the end of the third game he started adapting. He AAed my low divekick w/ s.m.p & beat my crossup w/ close h.p so fast. I was so amazed like "what?" Nobody AAed me like that before.

Momo: You know when you took the first 2 games in a 3/5 set but lost the third game like "oh shit" then you know...
Mago: Yeah yeah it was like that

Mago: It's not like the way I played got worse or anything, but he adapted so well. My mistake was, I got hit by f.m.k too much and didn't do good after I blocked f.m.k.
Momo: It's hard in a tournament.
Mago: Character like that with such a dangerous move is so scary in a tournament.
Tokido: Yeah. Abel can get 500 damage with ultra from it. It's plus on block and takes 500 when it hits...
Mago: Strider's so good at using f.m.k. He makes you block it&do b.dash and he does f.dash and punish. I found that tech the night before. I didn't know you could that. But I was told it's been like that since vanilla SF4.
Tokido: I think Nekojita does that too sometimes

Mago: I was using command throws from the beginning. I noticed Strider back dashed to to escape from it. In the last game, I was thinking Strider would expect me to stop using it and bam! Landed 4 of them! The last one was not meaty at all lol. It was a good reset and everything but I was kind of freaking out as well. Kazu: Doing 4 in a row is freaking scary.

Mago: I did that because my life was so low so I wanted to gamble on it. Then, you know I got such a momentum but I lost afterword. I really wanted to win.

Mago: Looking back, I could have played more patient game for a better result. I think I got so scared of Strider getting in on me. I was not used to that kind of stage-feeling. It is hard.
Momochi: It's hard. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Mago: Between XiaoHai and PR_Rog, I was praying for XiaoHai so hard. Among all, PR_Rog is the worst enemy. That matchup is bad for Yang, plus PR_Rog is so strong himself. Seems like he hasn't experienced Yang but he won by his own player skill.

Mago: After I landed rekka, I could just dash and do meaty rekka. But Rog's EX upper beats it, so i didn't wanna do that. I had my super fully charged. It's close to coner. I thought he wasn't thinking of my super, so i did roll cancell into super then it's like *EX upper motion* (@_@)

Mago doing PR_Barlog's EX uppercut to Yang's roll into super.

Mago: I lost my super, 40% damege, and got cornered. It got shocked and lost the game. I should have played with more patience.

Momo: I'm looking forward to EVO.
Mago: I will pray harder at EVO
Momo: We all pray hard all the time at EVO.

★Kazunoko at CEO

Kazu: CJ Truth's in my pool. Watching videos, I knew he's good at AA. So I used whiff divekick. He missed AA once,& he didn't do it anymore.

Kazu: I got Abel's command throws a lot, got scared, and lost 1 game. Didn' know what to do. But Fuudo happend to be there and coached me. He just said (in Fuudo voice) "Calm youself. Just play your normal game. Don't get hit by okizeme" That's it.
Mago: LOL. "I see!"

Kazu: I won the game but it was close.
Momochi: Lately, even getting out of the pool is not easy. It's not uncomon you lose one game or so
Kazu: I can't watch every opponents videos so

Tokido: You should be watching their games during the pool as it's going.
Kazu: At Top 32, I was up against Ricky. I was like "Lucky! It's Rufus!" I checked out a lot of Rufus videos but he chose Poison! I was like "OMG!" I lost one game quickly. He used a tech like neutral jump jab whiff into throw. It looks hit but whiffs. I got a lot of normal throws. On the second game, I used a lot of back dash b/c I wanted get away from throw and H.K. It went well. I took the the next two games. But I freaked out a little because the matchup I was prepared for was different.
Mago: Different character lol
Kazu: And the opponent was playing it just to counter my Yun. It's scary.

Kazu: Next up, SnakeEyez. At Final Round, I beat him by whiff punishing his s.m.p with my s.m.k. In the team tourney the day before, he walked forward one step further to beat that strat of mine. He was watching my whiff punish. He walked forward. I lost to his pressure, jumped in, and get AAed. That was it in the team tourney. So at Top16, I changed the way I used s.m.k. I used it to poke his walk forward rather than as a whiffpunishing tool. It worked very well. I took 1st game like that. In 2nd game, he was coached and started walking back to w.punish my s.m.k with s.m.p. It got harder, but in that range, the tip of Yun's s.h.k beats Gief's options. So I countered his counter to my counter to his counter like that.
Momo: So if you hadn't played him in the team tourney, you would have lost.
Kazu: It would've been bad. I did't expect him to counter me like that. So I think playing in a team tourney is a good thing.
Momochi: Well, it can be reversed. You can get downloaded in teams as well.

Tokido: Did you know that s.h.k tech before?
Kazu: Yes. It's hard for Gief. But if it's blocked in too close a range, he can punish by spd. If he could walk forward to do that. Then I'd use s.m.k to beat it.
Momochi: You're amazing.
Mago: You're genius! I learned a lot!
Tokido: That's something you would love to do (to Mago)
Mago: That's right. But Yang's s.m.k. loses to Gief's s.m.p.
Momo: That sucks.
Mago: I was like "I'm so jealous of that move" when I was watching.

Top 8. v.s Smug
Kazu: He only did s.m.k to my neutral jump. That's such a low risk for me. I can even beat it with a low divekick. He didn't do s.h.p. which is bad for Yun. So I was thinking I could just win by neutral game.
Momo: Like I said he's hard to understand, like "you didn't use the good move? why?"
Tokido: You couldn't beat Yun without using it.

Kazu: I was winning in neutral game, but his okizeme was so hard to deal with. It's so fast and damaging. I lost the first game. But I was confident I outplayed him in neutral game, so it didn't throw me off. The rest of the set went well. Like, I was thinking, you would get okizeme every now and then. That's fine. You could still beat him.

Tokido: Smug was playing nuts. He cut the combo and did *counter.* It was for Yun's upkick right? Smug would do that.Kazu: Really? But you could stun with the combo and KO.
*non-ultra counter can't catch a reversal move. Smug was probably looking for a jab*
Mago: I think Smug wanted to hype the crowd with the counter. Mago: I wanted to play Kazunoko so bad.

Kazu: I wanted to play you too. Mago: Yeah. It'd be better for you (in terms of CPT ranking) Kazu: I got so mad when you did 4 command throws
Mago: Yeah? You're like "whatcha doing!? you wanna die!?"
Kazu: I was like "get serious!"


Kazu: "Get serious! For me!"
Mago: "I am serious!"

vs.801 Strider
Kazu: I lost two games even tho I outplayed him in neutral game. His mixup was too good.
Tokido: It was so sharp.
Kazu: But I was playing ok in neutral game. That's what I was saying to myself, and I won 3 games. Just like that. I was able to play calm.

Mago: He did armor chancel into super. I was so amazed.
Kazu: It was auto-corrected.

Kazu: I thought I'd lose when I lost 2 games. I was like "if I win after this, I will win CEO." And I won. I was like "I AM going to win!" (゚д゚)

Momo: You didn't wanna play PR_Rog right?
Kazu: That's right.
Mago: Rog was on fire that day.

Mago: I heard PR_Rog was gonna retire this year but took that back lately
Momo: He said that cause he's mad at something in the first place.
Mago: Oh it's like "Sorry I was young and stupid then. Never mind."
Mago: He didn't use E.Ryu and focused on Balrog. He was playing so well. His combo was almost too good.
Kazu: He should keep using Balrog.

Kazu: I was praying for Strider.
Mago: You don't wanna play PR_Rog with such a momentum.
Momo: It's so scary. Balrog-Yun is bad for Yun too. Momochi: PR_Rog vs Strider was so close.
Kazu: It was the most intense match.

Mago: It was such a good game to watch.
Mago: How did you feel when Strider came back to GF?
Kazu: I was like "Yes! I'm going to win! If I did't win today, when would I?"
Momochi: Most people were thinking Kazunoko would win.

Tokido: But I saw HsienChang stop Strider getting on the ring and teaching something. I wanted to take a photo of them but I couldn't. They were talking like 2 min. Mago: Strider was listening to many people. Kazu: He looks like such a hardworking player.

Kazu: Until GF, I didn't have a coach at all. But I needed one in GF. If it had been reset, it would've freaked out and lost to myself. So I asked Fuudo to coach me. I was like "Fuudo-san, you're free now right? Can give me your opinion during the match?" So I asked Fuudo to coach me. I was like "Fuudo-san, you're free now right? Can give me your opinion during the match?" You know, I could play yomi game myself but I wanted totally objective insights to the match. You know, Bonchan would've been more like an emotionally supportive coach, like "YOU CAN DO IT!" type of thing. I didn't need that. I just needed logical, objective, third-party type of thing. So I went "Fuudo-san, can you do that?" It went well. You know, I lost 1 game and then "omg why did I lose!?" but I had the ramen king by myself to explain what's wrong. The strat was, he is good at AA, so get life lead and focus on the ground game. Watch out for his f.dash and punish it with s.m.p.

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